Shipping and payment

Shipping and payment

Sushi and pizza delivery in Slavyansk

The central part - for orders over UAH 200, delivery is free (up to UAH 200 - 30)

Golubovka, Vostochny, Mymovka, Mashmet, Chemist, Rybkhoz - for orders over UAH 300, delivery is free (up to UAH 300 - 60)

Bylbasovka, Vysokoivanovka, Molochar - for orders over UAH 400, delivery is free (up to UAH 400 - 75, 100, 60, respectively);

Semenovka, Andreevka - for orders over UAH 500, delivery is free (up to UAH 500 - 75);

Nikolaevka, Khrestische - for orders over UAH 800, delivery is free (up to UAH 800-150);

PACKING: There are several options for packing your order. The first option is "UNIVERSAL" - all items of sushi, rolls or a set are packed in one container in a universal way, this packaging option is free. The second option is "INDIVIDUAL" - if you want to pack each position of the rolls separately, you need to inform the operator when confirming the order. This service is available at an additional cost.
Payment is cash upon receipt of the order. Either by using payment system Liqpay. Take Your orders every day from 10.00 to 23.00       

The orders, depending on the amount of sushi and rolls, free-of-charge piece of ginger, and sticks of your choice (academic or regular), soy sauce and wasabi on the number of devices.

Number of rollsGinger
1-5 rolls1 pack
6-12 rolls2 packaging

A set of sticks to choose from: student or regular. Soy sauce according to the number of devices (5 in 1 set)